My Myopia lyrics - Back to the Future

My Myopia lyrics

My Myopia

[George McFly]
I don't need to look around
I'll keep my focus on the ground
Hoping no one catches me
With sketches no one else can see
I don't need to have a look
Beyond the pages of this book
I want to be left alone
With the thoughts that are my own

My myopia
Is my utopia
And I'm hopin' ya
Feel it too
When you narrow your point of view
You see only what you want to
My myopia
Is my utopia
And I'm hopin' ya
That I'm doing the best I can
To see only what I want to

But deep inside
All I ever wanted to do was run and hide
And, yes I know I can do better
That's the only way I'll ever get her
And considering I haven't met her yet...

[Marty McFly]
He's a peeping tom!

I heard about this bird down under
He's terrified by the sound of thunder
He does something that I understand
He-he takes his head and buries it in the sand
Trying to avoid a confrontation
I would rather be in hibernation
I retreat to my imagination
And my reliance on- on science fiction

To land a pretty girl? Oh well, I wish
But I float just like a jellyfish
Humble pie is my favorite dish
I live in fear of- of- of contradictions

My myopia
Is my utopia
And I'm hopin' ya feelin' it
See how I'm dealin' with it
And...I'm...hopin' you're feelin' it too...
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