Pretty Baby lyrics - Back to the Future

Pretty Baby lyrics

Pretty Baby

[Intro: Marty McFly, Lorraine Baines]
Calvin... Why'd you keep callin' me Calvin?
Oh, well, it is your name, isn't it, Calvin Klein? It's written all over your underwear
(Marty exclaims) Actually they call me Marty...
Oh, pleased to?meet?you?Calvin...Marty...Klein...

[Lorraine, (Female Ensemble), Both]
Pretty baby, got?this funny feelin'
Pretty?baby, I might need some healin'
It's getting hotter and it's giving me the chills
I think I'd better rest here for a while...(Hi-i-i...)
Pretty baby, got a little secret (Shh...)
Oh pretty baby, I hope that you can keep it
Good girls never do it (No)
They won't do it (No)
Till they do
You know that I'd be oh so good for you...

When I sit by your side (by your side)
I just can't d?scribe (can't describe)
Feelin' th?se feelings
I feel (Ah-ah-ah)
There's something deep inside (deep inside)
That cannot be denied
I can't conceal it
This can't be real
Tell me it's real!

Pretty baby, did you come to save me?
My pretty baby, oh how you drive me crazy! (Oooh... Crazy)
I'm in a hurry, (Shalala, Shalala)
Got to hurry don't you see (Shalalalaaa...)
It's up to me and you (Ba-la)
And we both know what to do (Ba-la-la-doo-da)
Pretty baby, (Baby...)
Won't cha feel it too?
(Feel it too?)
Pretty baby, I want you to feel it too...
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