It’s Only a Matter of Time lyrics - Back to the Future

It’s Only a Matter of Time lyrics

It’s Only a Matter of Time

I'm lookin’ around
There's nothin' here can slow me down
It’s feelin' like my lucky day
Gonna make it and then skate away
I'll be on the radio
They'll know me everywhere I go
It won't be long; they're gonna see...
I'll be on MTV!

[MARTY McFLY, (Backing Chorus), Both]
I'll rock my future; a winner not a loser
Nothing anyone can say can make it any other way
I’ve got my future; a player not a cruiser
I’ll be just what I wanna be: rockin' all the way through history

It’s feeling like a new day
Not another instant replay
Gonna finally do it my way! (Outlook looking good!)

A perfect future, for a shak?r and a mover
Every note is in its plac? with lots of treble, lots of bass
I'll rock my future; could it be any cooler?
All I gotta do is play; my troubles disappear and go away

Elect me, Goldie Wilson, for mayor! My new progress platform means more jobs, lower taxes and bigger civic improvements!

Vote for me if you want to advance
I'll serve you faithfully if you'll give me a chance
I believe the future will be brighter than before
Hey, when I got started, I was sweeping up the floor!

’Cause it's only a matter of time
Till the bells of prosperity chime
We'll be part of a new day
A long overdue day
I'll lead us as we make the climb!

[Company, (MARTY McFLY), Both]
It's only a matter of time
(I'm breakin' through the fourth wall)
A new paradigm so sublime
(I'm flyin' and I can't fall)
Only a matter of-
It's just a matter of-
Outlook: oh so good! Yeah!

[MARTY McFLY, (Backing Chorus), Both]
Come on now future, let's hit the turbo booster
Buckled up without a care, now you can take it anywhere
Write my future (write my future)
For Simon and for Schuster
The Tale of How I Came To Be
A rock 'n roll biography... yeah!!! (Wooaaaaah!)
[Outro: Company, Ladies, Men, [MARTY McFLY], All]
But it's only a matter of time
(Only a matter of time) [Only a matter-]
Yes it's only a matter of-
Only a matter of ti-i-i-ime... [Yeah I know, I'm gettin' outta here!]
[The greatest future of all!]
What a future! Here's his future!
It's only a matter of time!
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