Cake lyrics - Back to the Future

Cake lyrics


[Intro: Chamber of Commerce Spokeswoman]
The Chamber of Commerce welcomes you to Hill Valley! It's a nice place to live and here’s why:

[Verse 1: Chamber of Commerce Spokeswoman]
You've found the future and it's here
Just look around, you’ll see it crystal clear
Business is booming
Flowers are blooming
And 1955 has been a banner year!

[Verse 2: Gas Station Workers, Gasoline Salesman]
Our super-leaded gasoline...
Only 19 cents a gallon!
Will keep our atmosphere so fresh and clean
Precision tooling
And fossil fuelling
Will keep you cruising in your super sleek machine!

[Verse 3: Ladies]
These filtered cigarettes ar? new (so new)
And ev?n doctors say they're good for you
And there's no question
They'll aid digestion
And pick you up when you feel blue!

[Chorus: Townsfolk]
It's a good old-fashioned modern way of living
And no one does it better than we do!
Finally it's time when
All of these fine men
Get to have their cake and eat it too!

[Bridge: Home insulation man, (Townsfolk), Farmer, All]
For home insulation, Asbestos is best (Is best)
It keeps you cosy and warm (so warm...)
We spray DDT on those worrisome pests
And we've reengineered the food from the farm!

[Interlude: Chamber of Commerce Spokeswoman, Marty McFly, Mayor Red Thomas, (Mayor Thomas' supporters)]
What did I tell you? It's like utopia!
It’s a nightmare!
Re-elect me, Mayor Red Thomas! My new progress platform means more jobs, lower taxes and bigger civic improvements! (Yay!)

[Verse 4: Mayor Red Thomas]
This is our dreamland, USA
The perfect company should work and play
It’s no malarkey
Our patriarchy
We'll show the whole wide world the way to live this way!

[Outro: All, Men, Ladies]
It’s a good old-fashioned modern way of living
And no one does it better
They may think they do it better
The fact is no one does it better than we do!
Use super-leaded gasoline!
We love our cigarettes, it's true...
But, it just feels right when
All of these white men
Get to have their cake...
So let the women bake
We get to have our cake and
Eat... it...
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