Addams Family, The synopsis

Addams Family, The Synopsis - Broadway musical

The Addams family, living in the darkness and fully enjoys this Nosferratu's existence, once a year celebrates the gathering on their graveyard (itself a strange sight when your deceased relatives are in your backyard, and you each day can communicate with them on any issues disturbing you). Every year they arrange a rave for a meeting between the living, the dead and those who are still undecided (alluding to their butler).

After introducing the viewer into their dark atmosphere, the story tells that the daughter (with a strange name Wednesday) invited quite an ordinary boy Lucas Beineke on dinner along with his family. As she herself admitted, unusual feelings for this boy forced her to change a lot. She wants them to have just a normal dinner and were able to behave normally so she asks her family to do so, as if they are the average people. Of course, after the family of Beineke comes to them, Addams simply cannot behave normally and do their usual jokes and pricks.

Wednesday dressed for dinner in a bright yellow dress, plunging all into a shock, because for all 18 years before she got dressed entirely in black color.
Pugsley, which Wednesday regularly tortured on a rim and rack, feels something like jealousy now, as she found a new love so she wouldn’t spend more time torturing him. He steals a potion of truth from Grandma, in the hope that Wednesday will drink it (he planned to slip her this potion), and in a burst of revelation, tell everyone that she is not really in love with her chosen, Lucas.

Meanwhile, the viewer becomes aware of the dialogue of Lucas and Wednesday that the real reason why they have gathered their families together is to declare them of their upcoming wedding. Another person drinks potion (during The Game) and Wednesday announced their common plans with Lucas. Everyone starts to run and rave and Uncle Fester organizes a storm using a help from the ancestors so this cuts off all of them from the outside world for this night.

Wednesday wants to leave, but Lucas has different opinion and in the end, they swear. Like their parents do. Uncle Fester flies on Moon, because he is in love with it. Then Morticia and Gomez understand that swearing is for nothing and Gomez apologizes to his wife and they happily dancing tango, the same, as they love it to do. Pugsley admits the theft of potion, and not abused, but congratulated by all, because everything came out well in the end.
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