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A Day in Hollywood / A Night in the Ukraine synopsis

The 1st action, named A Day in Hollywood, is a review of prototypical Hollywood composition that came to us from the 1930s. They were executed by soloists and choreographers personifying bailiffs from Grauman's Chinese Theater, hallmarking a substantial proportions of tap dancing along the way. The 2nd act, called A Night in the Ukraine, is generally based on Anton Chekov's single-action play named The Bear, and is given to us in the type of a Marx Brothers motion picture. So we can consider both these as the mix tape of potpourris.

In an analysis of a local manufacture the readers from The New York Times commented that this musical here "...has a cross-breed reckoning that catalogues melodies by Frank Lazarus, with textbooks and lyrics close to Dick Vosburgh, extra melodies compiled by Jerry Herman and a firm middle potpourri devoted to the abundant composer of pop picture melody, Richard Whiting. We are treated to a positive musical intrigue reticule..."
Last Update:July, 25th 2016

A Day in Hollywood / A Night in the Ukraine Lyrics

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