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City Of Angels Musical Lyrics

City Of Angels description

The show opened on Broadway in 1989 and was closed only after 3 years, having produced a dozen theatrical seasons and 879 regular exhibitions (excluding the 24 preliminary ones). Michael Blakemore was a director of the musical, Paul Gallo was lighter, Florence Klotz – costume designer, music was done by Cy Coleman. Robin Wagner was a stage and prop designer. After such an above-average success on Broadway, the show began in the USA in summer of 1991 in the Shubert Theater and lasted until the fall of the same year. Actors were: C. Cox, S. Bogardus, J. McCarthy, L. Mitchell, J. Naughton & R. Graff.

Show was revised and updated during the national tour and a new version of it first played in 1992 in Florida, in Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center, and then in New York in the autumn of 1992. Philadelphia saw the show also in 1992.

Show overstepped the other side of the ocean in March of 1993. R. Allam, M. Smith and H. Goodman starred there. Despite the very commendable reviews of the show, its box office was not successful, so the show closed after 4 months. As many as 5 nominations for the Laurence Olivier Award, including one for Best Musical Award, went to the show in 1994. Then followed its resumption in the West End, for 1 winter season 2014 – 2015. D. Warehouse was the director, and J. Rourke was the art director. Actors were: S. Barks, H. Fraser, K. Kelly, T. Mutu & R. Craig. This production also received 5 nominations on Laurence Olivier Award, winning two, among which for Best Musical.

In other productions of musical there were two-month ride in Los Angeles with the actors S. Bogardus, B. Moses, T. T. Damiano & V. Lewis. The musical was staged in Melbourne in 2015 under the leadership of Martin Crift.
Release date: 1989
Last Update:January, 13th 2016

City Of Angels Lyrics

  1. Act 1
  2. Prologue Lyrics
  3. Double Talk Lyrics
  4. What You Don't Know About Women Lyrics
  5. You Gotta Look Out For Yourself Lyrics
  6. The Buddy System Lyrics
  7. With Every Breath I Take Lyrics
  8. The Tennis Song Lyrics
  9. Ev'rybody's Gotta Be Somewhere Lyrics
  10. Lost And Found Lyrics
  11. All You Have To Do Is Wait Lyrics
  12. You're Nothing Without Me Lyrics
  13. Act 2
  14. Stay With Me Lyrics
  15. You Can Always Count On Me Lyrics
  16. Alaura's Theme Lyrics
  17. It Needs Work Lyrics
  18. L.A. Blues Lyrics
  19. With Every Breath I Take-Duet Lyrics
  20. Funny Lyrics
  21. I'm Nothing Without You Lyrics
  22. Epilogue Lyrics

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