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Zanna, Don't Lyrics

Libretto and the lyrics were written by Tim Acito and Alexander Dinelaris. Music composed by T. Acito. The first show was held on the stage of Rodney Kirk Theatre from October to November 2002, directed and choreographed by Devanand N. Janki. In the show were involved: G. Treco, R. Sapp, S. Thomas, A. Larsen, A. R. Paige & D. Nichols. In March 2003, tryouts began as off-Broadway productions. The musical took place in the John Houseman Theatre from mid-March to June 2003, with 17 preliminaries and 119 regular exhibitions. Production involved D. N. Janki as director. The performance had cast: J. Rodriguez, R. Sapp, A. Larsen, S. Thomas, J. Zeus & D. Nichols. In 2008, a student musical performance was shown on the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in George Square Theatre.

In May 2009, during the London’s ‘Enterprise 09 Festival’, show was held at The Space. Then, from June to July, the performance was hosted by the Upstairs at the Gatehouse. The play was developed by the director Joseph C. Walsh and choreographed by Philip Scutt. The cast included: M. Shearer, K. Malyon, M. Cotton, M. Stacey, N. Crowe, B. Hurst & L. Orr. In April 2013, Gryphon Theatre hosted the New Zealand’s version. It was produced by director Stuart James and had the following cast: J. Pallesen, S. James, J. Finn, J. Pollock & K. Evans. In March 2014, the play was shown in New Orleans Old Marquer Theatre, developed by the director Christopher Bentivegna and choreographer Lindsey Romig, with such actors: K. Russell, L. Johnson & J. W. Brewer. In June 2014, Landor Theatre hosted another London production, directed by Drew Baker and choreographed by Holly Hughes. The main parts were played by D. Ribi and J. Dudley.
Release date: 2003
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