Zanna, Don't synopsis

Zanna, Don't synopsis

Zanna, Don't Synopsis - Broadway musical

The action takes place in an alternate universe. It differs from our world so that love exists there only between people of the same gender, and relations of men with women are considered unacceptable and vicious. The new school year started in a college of American city Heartsville. DJ and student Tank reminded everyone that wizard Zanna is watching after the fate of all people. If he notices the lack of love in someone's life, he immediately begins to help the unlucky person in search of his or her second half. Soon, Zanna has decided to take care of footballer Steve Bookman. Passion of the young man was not too prestigious, so the wizard introduced him to Mike Singer, world chess champion. The latter was the idol student and college sex symbol thanks to chess, which he played. Love began to emerge between two young people.

At this time, the active Kate Aspero responded to Roberta’s feelings, moonlighting as a waitress. Earlier, the girl resisted the charms of Zanna, under the guise of a variety of excuses. Roberta was sure that everyone, with whom she starts dating, would cheat on her. But having fell under the influence of the love spells, the waitress was able to make a strong impression on Kate. After that, romantic feelings arose between the girls, and comforted Zanna took a break. The next day, the students planned to create a musical on the theme of forbidden love between a man and a woman who were in the army and hide their orientation. A spark ran between Kate and Steve, playing a young couple, during rehearsals. They tried to forget about this feeling, as their city was very intolerant to heterosexuals.

Some time has passed. Mike wanted to continue the relationship with Steve after graduation. Deciding that a partner was too hurry, footballer fell into confusion and left him. Mike began to ponder an unusual act of a young man. Later, Singer and Roberta noticed the strange behavior of Steve and Kate. Discussing it among themselves, the boy and girl jokingly offered each other to start dating. Meanwhile, their partners were also thinking about their feelings. The final state competitions in chess started soon. Steve agreed after the tournament’s end to exchange rings with Mike. Kate decided to become a perfect friend to Roberta. As a cheerleader, the waitress was able to overcome indecision of Singer in the final game and a young man won the competition.

During the holiday, Steve and Kate kissed each other. With their act, they plunged the entire city into the chaos. The young couple began to be avoided by classmates and other residents of Heartsville. Not withstanding tension, a boy and a girl conceived to run in San Francisco. Zanna has decided to help lovers. He risked his position and the gift to make a special magic. After using the spell, Steve and Kate have become king and queen of the prom in college. Other students began to congratulate them, and only then Zanna realized that due to his charms, the whole world has become heterosexual. Not recognizing the former assistant in love, students subjected wizard to ostracism. Hoping for the best, Zanna decided to try a spell from fairy tale and lost his shoes. Suddenly he was caught up by Tank, who gave him the lost shoes back. The DJ was the only one who remembered Zanna – he had strong feelings towards him. Finding love in the new world, the wizard began to hope that one day everything would become the same as it was before.
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