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Who's Got Extra Love? lyrics

Who's Got Extra Love?

TANK: Gooood Morning, Heartsville! This is Tank, comin' atcha.
The voice of reason, the voice of the season here at WLUV,
The student-run radio station here at Heartsville High, the heart of America.
It's seven a.m. on the dot,
And a perfect sixty-eight degrees out there to start the school year off right.
Just a reminder folks, Heartsville's annual community picnic is this weekend.
So, guys grab your guy and girls grab your girl and head on down to Lookout Lake.
And if you don't have anyone to grab,
That means you've got some extra love on your hands,
And I know one magical matchmaker who just ain't gonna let you get away with that.
You can run, you can fly, but you can't hide from the love spy. So go get 'em,
Zanna! This one's for you.
ZANNA: When the alarm clock rings, you know I've gotta start to sing,
thinkin' 'bout the joy the day is gonna bring.
Love is all around, it just has to be found,
My job is makin' sure it gets spread around.
I knew the day of my birth that I was put on this earth
to make sure no one suffers extra love.
So you can leave it to me, it's my responsibility
to pass it on to someone without enough.
I seek out the truth, I'm a love sleuth.
I'm goin' undercover for a lover who might not find another.
So I'm lookin' for clues and they might point to you,
so come and gimme your extra love.
Hey, Cindy... Who do we have on the schedule for today?
Steve Bookman? A quarterback? No, I don't know him. He must be
new... Well, I'm sure he is feeling a bit lonely. I'll see what I can do.
Two by two, just like Noah had to do.
The only trick to love is finding who belongs with who.
So come let's start, the ark's about to depart,
we've got to seek out all extra love.
KATE: Mornin'mornin' Have a good day
MIKE: Hey hey hey
KARLA: Mornin' hi Hooray
ROBERTA: Mornin? Hi first day of school Hooray
BUCK: Mornin' mornin' Hi ya hi ya Mornin' mornin' Hiya hi ya
STEVE: Hello hello He ya he ya Hello hello hey
ZANNA: Who's got extra love? Hmm, I spy...
KATE: Call me See ya later
MIKE: Okay See ya later
KARLA: Call me See ya later
ROBERTA: Okay See ya later
BUCK: See ya later See ya later Call me Okay
STEVE: See ya later See ya later Okay, call meZANNA: Mornin?, Officer Klotsky!
OFF. K.: Mornin?, Zanna.
ZANNA: Was your date with Doctor Green a success?
OFF. K.: Oh, you bet. He's the perfect guy for me!
ZANNA: Yeah, I thought he might be.
OFF. K.: My gratitude to you I can't express.
ZANNA: All in a day's work.
OFF. K.: We walked through the park holding hands until dark.
Such a guy I never thought I'd meet.
ZANNA: Yeah, life is so sweet
Z / O.K.: when extra love is complete.
OFF. K.: So now I'm keepin' the beat down on Love Street.
KARLA: Zanna!
ZANNA: Karla!
ZANNA: Roberta!
OFF. K.: Ladies.
R/K: Hi!
Z/OK: Hi!
ALL: Who's got extra love?
R/K/OK: Not I!
ROBERTA: 'Cuz we've got some great news!
KARLA: Uh-huh!
ROBERTA: You won't believe this!
KARLA: Uh-uh!
ROBERTA: Tell him, Karla.
KARLA: Yeah! I forget what it is.
ROBERTA: We'll be together forever.
KARLA: Oh, yeah.
ROBERTA: Our love's here to stay.
KARLA: Uh-huh!
ROBERTA: I can't believe we met only yesterday.
KARLA: We just wanted to thank you for making us fall in love, Zanna.
ZANNA: Now Karla, you know I can't actually make two people fall in love; I can merely...facilitate.
P. COOPER: Good morning, everyone.
Z/R/K: Good morning, Principal Cooper.
P. COOPER: Now, Zanna, I expect you won't be meddling in anyone's affairs this year, will you?
ZANNA: Now, Principal Cooper, would I ever meddle in anyone else's affairs?
PC, R, K: Yes, you would.
ZANNA: You're darn right I would.
ALL: Two by two, just like Noah had to do.
The only trick to love is finding who belongs with who.
KARLA: Oh, well, I better go my friend is waiting and so
I?ll see you later.
KARLA: Later!
ZANNA: Later!
ROBERTA: She's so great.
ZANNA: I know.
ROBERTA: Hi, hi!
KARLA: Bye, bye!
MIKE: Bye!
ROBERTA: Mike does.
MIKE: I don't. But there's this new guy in town.
Perhaps you've seen him around.
ROBERTA: Mike has a crush on him.
MIKE: I don't.
ROBERTA: You do.
ZANNA: He does?
MIKE: OK, I do. But let me make this clear,
Zanna don't interefere.
ZANNA: Oh please?
ZANNA: Please?
ZANNA: Please?
ZANNA: Please?
ZANNA: Please?
MIKE: Here's what I'm gonna do.
ROBERTA: Please?
MIKE: No! Friday I'll walk by and say 'hi?.
Next week we'll start to speak, and ?
ROBERTA: Blah blah blah blah ? just be a man,
forget this stupid plan and quit the delay.
MIKE: I don't wanna scare him away.
ROBERTA: No, you're just a chicken!
ROBERTA: Chicken!
ROBERTA: Hey, new guy!
MIKE: Quit it!
MIKE: Come on!
ZANNA: Good luck on your chess match today, Mike!
STEVE: Excuse me, please, but it seems I've lost my way.
ZANNA: How 'bout a map?
I'll explain another day.
Hi, I'm Zanna.
STEVE: I'm Steve.
ZANNA: New quarterback of the team.
STEVE: How'd you know?
ZANNA: A little birdy told me.
STEVE: Oh, I see.
ZANNA: What brings you to the Midwest?
STEVE: A military request.
My two dads are five-star generals in the army.
ZANNA: I'm impressed.
STEVE: So we move place to place
ZANNA: Base to base?
STEVE: Unpack the suitcase, try to make a few friends
And then pack up and leave again.
Wherever I've been I never seem to fit in.
ZANNA: Never fear ? It's clear you'll fit in here
So keep up that chin.
STEVE: Thanks for the encouragement!
ZANNA: See you in class!
KATE: Ooh, sorry!
STEVE: No, no it's my fault.
ZANNA: Hey Kate wait.
KATE: Hi Zanna. How are you? I can't I'm running late.
ZANNA: Breakfast? Want some? What?
KATE: Sure. Yeah. A pop tart would be great.
KATE: Thanks.
ZANNA: Let me find you a girl.
KATE: Uh-uh. Please don't. No thanks. I?m doing fine.
ZANNA: It will change your world.
KATE: It won't. Will not. I've got no time.
KATE: I've got SAT's, ACT's, AP's, and GPA's
and college applications with all their tribulations to get to
University, then a medical degree...
So I just can't be distracted by love's triviality.
ZANNA: No, you just haven't met the right girl yet.
You can philosophize and rationalize but they're just alibis.
Love's all you need, just take it from me.
KATE: OK! You can set me up...
ZANNA: Great!
KATE: ...when I'm thirty-three.
ZANNA: I'll get you yet.
KATE: Thanks, Zanna!
TANK: Hey, Zanna.
ZANNA: Hey, Mr. DJ!
Won't you play this song for me?
TANK: From the way that you're beaming
I see that you're scheming
to turn someone's dream to reality.
ZANNA: You know me so well.
TANK: Well, it's not hard to tell ?
you're always happy making dreams come true.
ZANNA: That's what I do...
TANK: But in spite of your list,
there's always one guy you miss.
ZANNA: I do? Who?
TANK: You. I know you've got dreams, too.
ZANNA: No time, my friend.
CANDI: Hi, Zanna.
ZANNA: Hi, Candi. Hi, Buck.
BUCK: Hey, Zanna.
ZANNA: So what's on the clipboard for today?
BUCK: Well, the school board?
CANDI: Well, as I'm sure you know,
the School Board is meeting with the City Council to discuss whether the library
should be allowed to carry a copy of Heather Has One Mommy and One Daddy.
BUCK: In my opinion?
CANDI: Oh and also...if you can think of anyone,
We sure could use an extra guy for this year's musical. Come along, Buck.
BUCK: Yes, Candi.
ZANNA: The school musical, huh? I think I may have just the right guy?

I seek out the truth, I'm a love sleuth.
I'm goin' under-cover for a lover who might not find another.
So I'm lookin' for clues and they might point to you,
so come and gimme your extra love.
Well you can cover your tracks, that's a fact, Jack;
but you ain't gonna shake me or fake me or make me
take a break from chasin?.
You can duck off the trail, but I'm hot on your tail.
So gimme your extra love.
Now baby, don't try to run from the love gun.
I've got the place surrounded and bounded
and the hounds are all around it.
You may be on the lam from the love caravan,
but you ain't gettin' away with your love.
ALL: 'Cuz this is Heartsville High.
ROBERTA: ...where I dream of a love that will stay.
ALL: Heartsville High.
KATE: ...where nothing's ever gonna get in my way.
ALL: Heartsville High.
MIKE: ...where I've feeling love's about to begin.
STEVE: I hope that this time I'm gonna fit in!
ALL: Hey you over there don't be shy, come over here ?
I betcha got extra love.
Whatcha hoardin' it for? Life's got so much in store,
for someone with extra love.
Don't try to hide, you can't keep it inside.
You might as well give up your extra love.
'Cuz if you want love to stay, you gotta give it away.
You gotta give up, give up, give up...
yer extra love!
(Come and give me that love, come and give me that)

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