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Outsiders Lyrics

The 2024 Broadway musical "The Outsiders" adapts S.E. Hinton's iconic novel, combining strong drama and tremendous music. Set in 1960s Tulsa, the plot follows two warring teenage gangs: the Greasers from the working class and the Socs from the affluent neighborhood. Ponyboy Curtis, a teenage Greaser, is the protagonist of the story, which follows him as he navigates the turbulent world of gang warfare and societal divides.

As tensions rise, a violent incident results in a tragedy, forcing Ponyboy and his pals to confront their own prejudices and the harsh truths of their life. Through evocative songs and emotive performances, the musical explores themes of fraternity, identity, and the desire for a better life. The musical concludes with a moving ending that emphasizes the possibilities of understanding and transformation, leaving the audience with a strong message of hope and resilience.
Release date: 2024
Last Update:June, 27th 2024

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