Death's at My Door lyrics - Outsiders

Death's at My Door lyrics

Death's at My Door

Death's at my door
Calling my name
It's been here before, and it never leaves easy
It's always the same
One by one I'm losing everyone
Wherever I go
It's all that I see
There's death at my door and I swear that it's following me
Johnny, can't you see I've brought this on
You should move on
You'd be better off without me
Death’s shadow is long
And it grows all around me

Pony, you're wrong
You ain't leaving without me
I don't believe for a minute any of this nonsens? you're saying
I wouldn't give a damn ev?n if every single word was true
I had no reason to live back in Tulsa
Sadness was all that I knew
I don't believe in the death that you're bringing

The reason I'm living is you
Wherever you go
That's where I'll be
Even if death tags along, I don’t mind
It’s still you and me

I'll never leave you alone

I'll never leave you alone

I'll never leave you alone
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