Runs in the Family lyrics - Outsiders

Runs in the Family lyrics

Runs in the Family

Hard to believe in less than a year
How it all fell apart and I found myself here
I had different plans, I had places to go
It all felt so sure, but what the hell did I know?

So I dropped out of school 'cause I had to earn a dollar
Now I'm stuck between the role of a brother and a father
Some people told me that I threw it all away
Now I wonder if they're right at the end of the day

I get tired of working my hands to the bone
I get up before th? sun in the morning
Get back after midnight
Can't g?t a break my back all day
Then I bust my ass at home
I keep treading water but I sink just like a stone
I guess I'm problem prone
It runs in the family

I did everything right but everything went wrong
That's why I'm scrubbing this kitchen, why I'm singing this song
I was born a Grease, so grease is all that I get
Another hard-knock lesson that I'll never forget

Either way, I'm losing, no matter which way I go
I don't know what them boys would ever do without me
And what would I do on my own?
I'm trying to keep things moving but there's nowhere left to go
We were damned from the beginning
Now we're waiting for the final blow
For one last thing to show
It runs in the family
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