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Justice for Tulsa lyrics

Justice for Tulsa

Call came in at three-fifteen
Bloodiest mess I ever seen
A lone boy there, left for dead
No one else around

Justice for Tulsa
Search this town high and low
Must be someone out there who knows

I checked to see if he was still alive
His body was cold, eyes open wide
His face was twisted, almost seemed surprised
Lying there on the ground

I heard they were from the East Side
They w?re prowling around at night
Was a nice boy from the W?st Side
And they killed him with a switchblade knife

Put out a call to bring Dallas in
That Winston boy with the crooked grin
If there's anything he knows
I'm gonna get it out of him

I got no clue where they could be
And why the hell you asking me?
Even if I knew, wouldn't give 'em up to you
If you're turning up the heat I dealt with hotter shit than you
When there's trouble on the right side of town
It's me and all my boys you’re shakin' down
Well I got nothing for you
Why don't you just get lost
Why don't you ask the Socs why the line got crossed

Justice for Tulsa
Do what you have to do

Could this have gone a different way?
Can't believe I'm standing here today
But you never did the things you should
Even so I know your heart was good
When it was only you and me alone
I saw a side of you I wish they'd known
Like a secret you could never share
The part of you that truly cared

This can't be real, he can't be gone
And I don't know how we just carry on
This could've happened to anyone
But here we are, can't be undone
What have we done?

We were only having fun

You were only having fun?

We were only having fun
Just hanging out, just horsing 'round
Doing what we've always done

Bob was drinking, you were drinking too
And tell me what's so fun about a fight that's five on two
What’d you think that boy was gonna do?
He lived his life scared to death after what you put him through

Bob went crazy when he saw you with that Greaser kid
You held his hand at the concession stand
I saw it all, you know just what you did

You guys were loud that night
Out looking for a fight
The two of us just stayed behind
You couldn't stand to leave those boys alone
You and Pony holding hands
I don't think you understand
Bob was not a jealous man
Cherry, what you did that night was wrong

You should be as mad as me
At the senseless tragedy
Bob didn't need to die!

The Greasers crossed a line
We could sit here asking why
Or we could send them back a message
Take an eye for an eye
Anyone from the East Side, if you're prowling around at night
We got a message from the West Side, you better run for your life

[PAUL, spoken]
Next Saturday night, Pershing Park—all-out war is officially declared!

Justice for Tulsa (if you’re prowling around at night)
Where did those Greasers go?
(If you’re prowling around at night, got a message from the West Side)
Must be someone out there who knows
(You better run for your life)
Justice for Tulsa
Search this town high and
Search this town high and
Search this town high and low
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