Friday at the Drive-In lyrics - Outsiders

Friday at the Drive-In lyrics

Friday at the Drive-In

[PONYBOY, spoken]
The nightly double drive-in was a pretty tuff hang-out. Kids went there to make out and blow off steam--Greasers and Socs. I didn't know it at the time, but this would be the night that I would meet the one and only Cherry Valance

When the week is over and school is out
Friday at the drive-in's what it's really about
I'm feelin' kinda crazy, baby, how 'bout you?

I stole the caddy from my daddy, stole his liquor too

All the pretty girls getting all dolled up
Hey ladies, thirsty? Come and fill your cup
Friday at the drive-in is what we do

I got my best girl and some others too

Oh, double feature playin' tonight

My girls and me are lookin' alright

Friday at the drive-in is quite a sight

You got Cool Hand Luke to keep you on tonight

Got no more stress, nothing to worry me
No more teacher's pet or trigonometry
Well, the week is through

And there ain't no better time than
Friday at the drive-in

'Cause it's Friday night
And it feels so right
Yes it's Friday night at the drive-in
Woah, when that clock strikes three
Yes we're finally free
Nowhere else to be but the drive-in
The drive in
The drive in
Friday at the drive-in
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