Runs in the Family (Reprise) lyrics - Outsiders

Runs in the Family (Reprise) lyrics

Runs in the Family (Reprise)

Damn it, I've had it, I’m done tryn'a please you

[SODAPOP, spoken]
Come on, settle down now Darrel

[DARREL, sung]
Who the hell do you boys think is gonna feed you?

[SODAPOP, spoken]
You're gonna get yourself all worked up again

[DARREL, sung]
I’m getting tired of feeling unappreciated

[SODAPOP, spoken]
I'll fold the laundry, I'll fold all of it!

[DARREL, sung]
Taking care of family is feeling overrated
I gave so much away, I get nothing in return
You don't tell me when you're coming home lately
Eat my food, do you even have a clue
That all you do is take
Every dollar that I earn
I try to keep you from the fire
But it's me who's getting burn?d
You'd think by now I’d learn

[PONYBOY, spoken]
It’s not my fault that you hate your dang life!

[DARREL, sung]
Mayb? I should finally just walk on out
You'd be one less thing for me to worry about
Leave you boys, headed back to school
I’m tired of lifting you up, I'm tired of playing the fool
Start a new life in a different town
There ain't no tellin' where I’d go
Without you dragging me down
Picture life without old Darry around!
I'm so tired of working my hands to the bone
Wish that I could settle down with a lady
Wish I could but I can't
So instead I gotta break my back all day
Then I bust my ass at home
Oh, what's the use of dreaming about a life I'll never know
That ship sailed long ago

[PONYBOY, spoken]
If you hate us so much then you should just leave!

Oh you got no idea what I give up for you two! You see these hands, how torn up they are, how old they look? I do it for you, Ponyboy, and for your knucklehead brother, so we can live in this house, so there can be food on the table every night
[PONYBOY, spoken]
You're not Dad, Darrel, and you're not Mom either, so stop tryn'a be!
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