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Hopeless War lyrics

Hopeless War

A battle's raging in my head
I swear, your friends, they wanted me dead
I never would have fought before
But the Socs, they declared this war

But this war, it eats you up inside
Till you're blinded by your foolish pride
When you only see the world one way
It's only black and white, but never grey
One by one, we fall in line
The same mistake a thousand times
Doing what we've all been raised to do
Now Johnny's hurt and Bob has died
When will we be satisfied?
I know somewhere inside of you, you feel the same way too
It's a hopeless war we're fighting
And we don't even know what for
The truth is
Even in the end
Even if you win
It doesn't change a thing
You'll still be the losers
Destined to fail
And we'll be the lucky ones
Got the whole world by the tail
I came to you because I thought you might be
The only one who understands
This hopeless war is so completely
Hopeless in the end

[PONYBOY, spoken]
I can't sit this one out--I just can't
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