Red Shoes Blues lyrics - Wizard Of Oz, The

Red Shoes Blues lyrics

Red Shoes Blues

She's so misguided
It's all so one-sided
That dimwitted girl dares tangle with me
She's prissy, she's clueless, and I want her shoeless
I'll show how fiendishly mean I can be
I want those shoes to establish just who's number one from the east to the west
Then I'll be complete
With the world at my feet
And red always suited me best
I know
I hold sway
Over all I survey
But I now neef a much bigger deal
The shoes are the key
To the making of me
So find her and bring to heel
When I get that footwear
From her and it's put where
It could have been- should of been
Right from the start
My power will grow
It will blossom and flow
Through the world, through the years and straight to my heart
We all like to dance
So now here's your chance
You'll dance till your very last gasp
Gyrate, projects
You'll swelter sweat
And stumble right into my grasp...
You'll find you can't stop
As you dance till drop
And stumble right into my grasp
Enjoy your dance my pretties... And now. You. My monkeys. My darlings. Yes. It is time, at long last, for you to do your work. Off you go and mop up the mess- I want that little girl and her mangy little dog. But most of all... I want my slippers. Now go! Fly! Fly! Fly!!!!
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