Wizard Of Oz, The synopsis

Wizard Of Oz, The Synopsis - Broadway musical

Teenage girl Gale is an orphan. She lives on a ranch with aunt & uncle. She believes that no one understands her – she wants to travel a lot and to see what is interesting in the world, not always to live on the ranch.

While a girl walks, the storm begins. Girl with dog Toto barely has time to run into the house. Tornado takes her home away from Kansas and drops in dreamland.

There a girl meets Glinda, the Weal North Virago. It turns out, landed down house killed wicked witch of the East. And now the people are happy, they gladly take unexpected guests, who was brought by the storm. The girl wants to go home, but Glinda advises to find the Wizard of Oz to help her get back to Kansas. The magician gives a girl the magic ruby slippers as a talisman. It upsets the Wicked Witch of the West. Shoes were all that was left in the memory her sister killed by the hurricane.

A girl hit the road. On the way, with Toto they meet Jackstraw. It wants to be smart. Then they are introduced to the Cannikin Lumberman, who wants to get heart. All four of them saw a Pusillanimous Leo, afraid of even his own tail. Leo has a dream – he wants to be bold.

Wicked Witch of the West is trying to prevent friends to get to the Wizard. She conjured a vast field of opium poppies. A girl, Toto and the Lion had to try to escape from there, fighting to stay awake.

After finding the Emerald City, radiating light, the travelers came to the palace to the Wizard. They saw the Wizard in different guises, heard his voice, but did not know what he looked like in reality. Wizard agreed to help the pilgrims to fulfill their desires if they kill a wicked witch of the West.

Once the friends reached the castle of the Witch, she send down to them her Pinioned Simians. They kidnapped a girl, and the witch begged to give her ruby slippers of her sister. Friends made their way to the castle to save the girl. When the witch tried to grab the Jackstraw and set it to fire, a girl poured water on the witch. And suddenly, she melted.

Returning to the Emerald City, Toto accidentally discovered the secret of the Wizard. It turned out that the Wizard was an ordinary man, who was able to create all sorts of optical illusions, not witchcraft. Believing in his magical abilities, the people have appointed him to be the ruler. And now, taking advantage of the turmoil, the Wizard was able to fly away on a hot air balloon, although before that he promised to take travelers along with him.

Clicking with heels of magical shoes three times, as Glinda told her to do, a girl returned to Kansas. Back at home, she told Aunt and Uncle that she had hit her head during a storm and was unconscious for a few days, but now she came to her senses. But the girl was still convinced that her adventure was real. However, she was very happy to be back home. As soon as her aunt and uncle left to let her rest, a wind opened the cabinet’s door and her ruby slippers appeared before the audience.
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