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Album lyrics:
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Will-A-Mania lyrics


Each early morning i get up
Read his column with my coffee cup
Never, ever start the day without will
His wit and wisdom let me see
All the foibles of this century
Theres no way to start my day without will

Just multiply me by the millions
From gotham out to frisco bay
Those toms and dicks and jacks and jillians
Are asking "hey did you see what will said today?"

He's also king of hollywood
He stands where valentino stood
Biggest movie star by far is our will
At any time around the clock
Lines keep forming all around the block
Watch them fill the movie till for our will

He's got more fans than shirley temple
He beat her out as number one
He draws more crowds than aimee semple
The country'd rather do the dance that wills' begun.

Willamania! This dance has swept the nation
Willamania! Dance of communication
Black bottom charleston you have seen your last days
So scratch your skull, tilt your head, and do the new craze. We call it

Willamania! It's intercontinental
Will sure gets around
The shimshamshimmy's now a dance thats been had
So nap your gum, twang your voice and do the new fad.

At night i tune my radio
Got to hear the great will roger's show
Once a week can't end my day without will
Rush home so i won't get there late
Cause i've got a very special date
Once a week the night belongs to my will

By means of coast to coastal network
His words go floating ev'rywhere
Each fam'ly hopes to make its set work
So they can say, "d'ja hear what will said on the air?"

Willamania! This dance has swept the nation
Willamania! Dance of communication.
The flapper, city slicker, farmhand and rube, connected by signals from the vacuum tube.

Willamania! He's also hit the white house, will sure gets around.
He talks up ev'rywhere, and tells us what's what, a movie star, ziegfield star, he's hotter than hot.

Willamania! From cal. To pennsylvania!
Willamania! Willamania!
Scratch your skull, twang your voice, snap your gum for the peoples choice-
Brand new sage for a brand new age, he makes our spirits climb.
It's willamania time!

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