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The Big Time lyrics

The Big Time

Hand in hand we will cross the land
From the West coast way up to Maine
Boarding train after train
See the nation, along vacation
What?s to fear? We?re together here
But my dear before we can go
Vaudeville has traditions
My young wife ought to know:

There?s the small time, and the medium time, and the big time, and the medium-small time

Small time, and the medium time, and the big time?

And Kiwanis Hall time!
Big time looks down on medium time?

Looks down on small time?

Looks down on accordion players
Small time?

Big time?

Big, small, medium time!
On the road from Maine to Dallas
Hoping that we?ll play the Palace!

Smiles from you are a rave review
Put a big time star on my door
I can hear the crowds roar
Spotlight hits me, the spotlight fits me
When you touch me, and when you hold me
My name lights up the marquee
Just to know that you love me
Is the big time for me!

There?s a small time, and a medium time, and a big time, and a medium-small time
Packing, unpacking, and packing, we?re off to Altuna
Tomorrow, goodbye Altuna!
Cooking, scrubbing, washing, ironing
Mend his britches, feed his pony
Learn to live on cold baloney
Smiles from him make my senses swim
I get big time feelings inside
Once an ignorant bride
Now I?m knowing, and all aglowing!
When he holds me, and when he loves me
We?re close as lovers can be!
On the circuit together
Life is joyous and free!
Thank goodness we have no family,
There?s only Will and me!

Howdy! I?m Will Rogers, Jr.!

Howdy, I?m Mary Rogers!

Howdy, I?m James Rogers!


Well here comes Freddy!
We?re glad our dad?s in Vaudeville
And we?ve got fun!
?Cause we bag down in any town,
Not just in one!
Before we?re bored with kids we meet,
We got our van!
There?s no mean ol? school superintendent
Hounding us ?cause we?re independent!
At night our mommy reads to us, and hears us pray!
Then we sneak to the musical, watch daddy play!
Scratch your skull, tilt your head, make the people glad!
Folks ask us what we wanna be
When we grow up we?re gonna be
Just? like? dad!

From the small time, to the medium time, to the big time
No more medium-small time!
Up, up
Climbing up, up
No more small time
Or Kiwanis Hall time!
Finish packing, let?s get cracking
Wear your boots, it?s gonna rain
Do your homework on the train!
Smiles from us are a family plus
We?re together getting along
Sometimes weak sometimes strong
Sad or happy, or mad or scrappy!
Nothing is easy, and nothing?s perfect
We still complain and we fight
But ?long as we stay together
It?s the big time for us!
Rogers, and Rogers, and Rogers, Rogers, Rogers, Rogers
It?s the big time for us!

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