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No Man Left For Me lyrics

No Man Left For Me

Alone again and blue
He's left me alone again - what's new
All I do is sit and stare
At a snapshot and an empty chair
What goods a man who's never there

He's a trav'ling man, He's a flying man,
After dinner speaker, Speachifying man,
He's a one man show on the radio
He's a columnist, Friend of president,
Movie star for the nations residents
Zigfeilds staring man, Walking talking man,
Mr busy bee.
There's no man left for me

Sometimes I tell myself the worms turning
I'll pack a bag and leave him flat
But every time I start
This feeling floods my heart
He needs me to feed the cat

But when I'm by myself I'm so lonesome
A party makes it twice as grim
The people laugh and play
My mind is miles away
Its off on the road with him

Hotel staying man, Suitcase packing man,
When I look around me he's the lacking man
He's most anywhere, Land or sea or air
As an absentee He's a winner man
Out for lunch and won't be home for dinner man
Loop the looping man, Fly the cooping man
Its so plain to see

He wont miss me
He don't need me
Gonna get away from Mr busy bee
I can't make love to a shadow
And there's no man left for me
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