Will Rogers Follies, The (musical) (lyrics, songs)

Music composed by C. Coleman. Lyrics written by A. Green and B. Comden. The libretto has been created by P. Stone. Tryouts on Broadway began in early April 1991. A month later, at the Palace Theatre, the show premiered. The last performance was at the beginning of September 1993 after 33 preliminaries and 981 regular performances. The production was realized by the director and choreographer T. Tune. The theatrical had this cast: K. Carradine, D. Hoty, C. Huffman, G. S. Carter, D. Latessa, R. Faugno, L. Robinson, T. Minoff & P. Ukena, Jr. Also the voice of Gregory Peck was involved in a play. In August 1994, in West Point began a national tour. The theatrical has been developed by a director and choreographer S. Minning, supported by the creators of the Broadway show. The cast of the spectacular was: B. O'Brien, R. C. Senecal, R. S. Szalay, T. Heard, J. Doyle, T. Garcilazo, M. D. Cox, J. Caine & A. Miller.

From June to July 1998, the exhibition took place in the Paper Mill Playhouse, developed by director M. S. Hoebee and choreographer D. J. Salisbury. The show included actors: J. Davidson, A. Crumb, P. Jordan, S. Wakefield, R. E. Fitch, L. Alexander, S. Bishop, J. Clippinger, J. Marie & K. Lepore. In August 2005, a national tour started in Texas Bass Concert Hall. Production was carried by S. Minning. The cast was: K. Snowgren, L. Gatlin, A. Wayne, C. Trahan, B. Adkins, C. McDaniel, A. Bivins, J. Latshaw, B. Branker & C. Speicher. In January 2016, the play was shown in the Maltz Jupiter Theatre, directed by M. Martino and choreographed by S. Sullivan. The performance had this cast: M. Loehr, E. Kinnon, L. Hodos, J. Young, M. Vajna, J. A. Skiba, E. Cave & A. Goodwin-Elam. The histrionics received several awards.
Release date: 1991
Last Update:July, 27th 2016

Will Rogers Follies, The lyrics list

  1. Act 1
  2. Let's Go Flying Lyrics Let's Go Flying Video  add
  3. Will-A-Mania Lyrics
  4. Give A Man Enough Rope Lyrics Give A Man Enough Rope Video  add
  5. It's A Boy Lyrics
  6. So Long Pa Lyrics   add
  7. My Unknown Someone Lyrics My Unknown Someone Video  add
  8. We're Heading For A Wedding Lyrics   add
  9. The St.Louis Fair Lyrics   add
  10. The Big Time Lyrics
  11. My Big Mistake Lyrics
  12. The Powder Puff Ballet Lyrics   add
  13. Marry Me Now Lyrics
  14. Without You Lyrics   add
  15. Act 2
  16. Give A Man Enough Rope (Reprise) Lyrics   add
  17. Look Around Lyrics Look Around Video  add
  18. Our Favorite Son Lyrics
  19. No Man Left For Me Lyrics
  20. Presents For Mrs. Rogers Lyrics   add
  21. Never Met A Man I Didn't Like Lyrics
  22. Will-A-Mania (Reprise) Lyrics   add
  23. Without You (Reprise) Lyrics   add
  24. Never Met a Man I Didn't Like (Reprise) Lyrics Never Met a Man I Didn't Like (Reprise) Video  add
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