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It's A Boy lyrics

It's A Boy


Yippee Yay! Yippee Yai!
I hit the ol’ bullseye!

Hooray, hooray, hooray at last it’s a boy
Hey, I got me a boy, step right up it’s a boy!
I got a son and an heir (Woo Hoo!)
What else can compare’ (Woo Hoo!)
I haven’t a care, I wanna sing Hosannas!

Hooray, hooray although I love all my girls
Six is plenty of girls
After all of those girls
I gave it one extra shot (Woo Hoo!)
Kept praying a lot (Woo Hoo!)
And look what I’ve got, I’m passing out Havanas!

Yippee yai yay! He’ll keep the shine on the family name.
Hip yai yay! His Pa’s a rancher, so he’ll be the same
With cattle standing, I’ll yonder for miles around
That’s why I’m handing the smokes and the smiles around!

Hooray, hooray, hooray at last it’s a male
And his powerful wail
Says he’s hardy and hail!
And he’ll be proud as can be (Woo Hoo!)
When he knows that he (Woo Hoo!)
Is part Cherokee like his Pa!
My hopes no longer are slim!
I’m way out on a limb!
Hopes are riding on him!
And he’ll grow up to a hell of a man
I’ll make him a man
A hell of a man
Like yours truly!

Hooray, hooray, hooray for my lucky star! (Woo hoo!)
Have a cigar (Woo hoo!)
I’m jumping for joy! (Woo hoo!)
At last it’s a boy! Ya gotta keep tryin’!
At last it’s a boy!

(Spoken Part)

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear no time for his bye
Little Will’s a big guy
And he don’t even try to get along with our Pa
Won’t listen to Pa
Well livin’ with Pa, that ain’t no bed of roses

(Spoken Part)

Hooray, hooray some dirty work has been done
He can’t be the real one
Can’t be Glen Rogers’ son!
He says he don’t want a ranch
He’s some rotten branch
Must be part Camanche for sure!
To Argentina he’ll steam
What a crackpotted scheme!
It’s the end of my dream.
‘Course he will never be that hell of a man
A looked up to man
A hell of a man
Like yours truly!

But what the heydee hey
I still got six girls (Woo hoo!)
Six million curls!
I’m jumpin’ for joy!
Goodbye Willy boy! And don’t write for money!
Goodbye Willy boy!

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