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Album lyrics:
  1. Act 1
  2. Let's Go Flying Let's Go Flying Video
  3. Will-A-Mania
  4. Give A Man Enough Rope Give A Man Enough Rope Video
  5. It's A Boy
  6. So Long Pa 
  7. My Unknown Someone My Unknown Someone Video
  8. We're Heading For A Wedding 
  9. The St.Louis Fair 
  10. The Big Time
  11. My Big Mistake
  12. The Powder Puff Ballet 
  13. Marry Me Now
  14. Without You 
  15. Act 2
  16. Give A Man Enough Rope (Reprise) 
  17. Look Around Look Around Video
  18. Our Favorite Son
  19. No Man Left For Me
  20. Presents For Mrs. Rogers 
  21. Never Met A Man I Didn't Like
  22. Will-A-Mania (Reprise) 
  23. Without You (Reprise) 
  24. Never Met a Man I Didn't Like (Reprise) Never Met a Man I Didn't Like (Reprise) Video

Will Rogers Follies, The synopsis

Will Rogers Follies, The Synopsis - Broadway musical

Bright choirgirls began to sing a song in honor of the real Will Rogers, the famous star of cowboy rodeos, theatrical shows, radio shows, and movies. Impresario Mr. Ziegfeld was constantly commenting on what was happening, and even interfered with the course of the show, changing the decisions of the director. Appeared on the scene Will Rogers talked about his family and his own birth. Parents of the future artist lived in the Indian territory, which later became Oklahoma state. Mr. Rogers and his six daughters rejoiced about the birth of the long-awaited boy. At first, life on the ranch suited the kid, but with growing up, Indian blood became increasingly manifested in Will. At age of 19, the young man decided to see the world and went to work as a cowboy in Argentina. Mr. Ziegfeld reminded him that he needed to find a girl. Meeting of Rogers with Betty took place at the railway station, but the manager had presented it as if the girl appeared on Earth descending from the Moon.

Moving forward on the Ziegfeld’s demand in 1904, the show revealed that the young couple has long been dating already. Will began working as a cowboy in Texas Jack Mulhall's Wild West Show. He proposed to Betty. She decided to marry Rogers, although she had some concerns about living together with the star of show business. But the wedding had to be postponed – the impresario Ziegfeld said that the ceremony would take place at the end of the first act. Will soon left cowboy’s craft and switched to participation in vaudevilles. Some time later, Rogers had four children in his family. Gradually, Betty began to doubt the correctness of her decision to stay with her beloved person. Will received few proposals for work, but once he was called to the variety show Ziegfeld Follies, where he was destined to become the main star. In 1920, Rogers became successful in the theater and on the radio. Finally, the long-awaited wedding of Will and Betty occurred.

After a while, Rogers family went to California – the patriarch decided to conquer Hollywood. Former cowboy became the favorite star of Americans. Will’s success was so great that he was even elected as a candidate for USA’s presidency. Rarely seeing her husband, Betty was very sad, but his presents for a loving wife lifted her spirits. Suddenly Ziegfeld Follies show became bankrupt. It was the time of the Great American Depression. At the request of the elected president, Rogers addressed the nation with words of support. People believed their favorite, and their fear after the collapse on the exchange stock market left off. Will reconciled with his father. When he went with his friend-pilot Wiley to Alaska, Betty has seen her spouse for the last time. Soon there was a plane crash. The nation lost a beloved idol, whom all Americans believed.
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