It's Your Wedding Day (Finale) lyrics - Wedding Singer

It's Your Wedding Day (Finale) lyrics

It's Your Wedding Day (Finale)

He wrote a song six years ago while playing in a wedding band

The word got out and suddenly his band was super in demand

[impersonator 0]
People call him the wedding singer
He sang at weddings and soon the name was out

But he got dumped by his fiance and then...
He just snapped
He just snapped
He just snapped
He just snapped
He just snapped

[impersonator 1]
He met a girl named julia
Who saved him from his tale of woe

[impersonator 2]
*speaks phillipino*

For those of you who speak phillipino you know that things ended up the way they should

[impersonator 3]
Thats the way that the story ends

Care to dance?

[impersonator 3]
Yes I would come on granny show me what youre made of

[master of ceremony]
Ladies and gentlemen, mr. and mrs. Robbie Hart!

[robbie and julia]
If I told you what i'm feeling now inside
Youd be certain theres not a single thing that we should hide
If I hold you...theres one problem you should know...
If I hold you... I might not ever let you go

Never let you go...
Never let you go...

So when its your wedding day
And my music starts to play
I can guarantee that

Oh oh ohhhhhhhhh
Woo oh oh


Yeah when its your wedding day
All the problems melt away
If you count on me
Cuz love is what...
Yes love is what....
Oh oh ohhhhhhhhhh
Woo oh oh

I do.

I do.


Love is what I DOOOOOOOOOO....
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