Wedding Singer synopsis

Wedding Singer synopsis

Wedding Singer Synopsis - Broadway musical

Robbie Hart and his band performed at weddings. During the next celebration, the singer announced that he is going to marry his girlfriend Linda. After the concert, Robbie met a waitress Julia. On the morning, Hart stood alone at the altar. Instead of Linda, a note was waiting for him, in which she stated that she wanted to be the wife of a rock star, not a conventional wedding singer. Robbie was in despair. The young man barely was cheered up by friends and grandmother. Julia met her boyfriend – stock broker Glen. He asked her to marry him. Frustrated Robbie broke off a wedding reception. Angry guests threw a singer in the trash tank. Julia managed to convince him to get out and start all over again. A girl asked Robbie to help her with another wedding organization.

They met Julia’s cousin at the mall. Holly advised her cousin to train wedding kiss. She convinced Robbie to become a test subject in this process. After the kiss, Julia was in nice shock. Holly called the singer to go with them to the club. Waitress supported this invitation. Later, Robbie met with Glen. Hart realized that he was a wheeler-dealer, a swindler. He also realized his feelings for Julia. Holly told the singer that Glen marries her cousin for money and security. Robbie decided to become like a banker – he wanted to attract the attention of a new beloved. In the morning, the singer came to Glen and asked to arrange him at the stock market. Soon Julia wondered whether the rich people were better than ordinary people were. Later she found out that Robbie shifted the job. Realizing how important singing is to him, she decided to talk to the young man. Not finding a common language with Julia while trying courtship, Robbie reproached her in prudence. Returning a gift to him, she had left the singer.

Realizing his action, Hart went to the bar to get drunk. Friends tried to persuade him to stop drinking, but they only have pushed the singer to the idea to talk to Julia. At that time, a girl was at home and was trying on a wedding dress. The waitress had already shared with her mother her doubts in the proper selection of the groom, but a mother could not understand why the singer seemed to her daughter the better fit than a banker did. Looking in the mirror, Julia presented herself with Robbie and began to smile. Seeing the girl in the window, the young man decided that she was thinking of Glen. Arriving home, the singer discovered Linda in his bed, who wanted to renew their relationship. Not feeling the same desire, the young man fell asleep.

Julia came to Robbie in the morning, having decided to tell him how she felt. Linda met in the singer's apartment the waitress and thought they were reconciled. The girl went with Glen in Las Vegas to conduct the wedding ceremony. Waking up, Robbie drove former fiancée away. Performing at a party, he learned from Holly that Julia has left the city. The singer decided to catch up with her and to tell her of his feelings. The waitress also recalled Robbie, thinking that she had lost him. Arriving in Las Vegas, a young man, using parodists-imitators, found Julia’s wedding ceremony and broke it. He performed the song for a girl, telling her of his love. Having learned that the bride is not indifferent to the singer, Glen was troubled. However, he accidentally let slip about own infidelity with other women. Hearing this, parodists have beaten the banker up. Robbie offered sweetheart to marry him. She agreed on the condition that at the wedding the groom will perform a song for her.
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