Wedding Singer Musical Lyrics

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Wedding Singer Lyrics

M. Sklar composed music. Lyrics wrote C. Beguelin. The libretto was developed by T. Herlihy & C. Beguelin. A start was in Seattle’s 5th Avenue Theater at the beginning of 2006. Preliminaries went on Broadway in late March 2006. The theatrical was exhibited from April to December 2006, showing 28 preliminaries & 285 regular performances. Production carried out director J. Rando & choreographer R. Ashford. In the show, was such a cast: S. Lynch, L. Benanti, R. Gardner, R. H. Blake, K. Cahoon, F. Finley & M. Saldivar. The 1st tour began with pre-shows in Florida in late summer of 2007 & the official 1st tour started at a beginning of September 2007 in Alabama. It ended in late August 2008 in Atlantic City after being in 31 cities & towns. The production did director P. Stancato & choreographer C. Bailey. The cast of actors was: M. D. Janes, E. E. Coors, M. Raumaker, J. J. Lee, N. Wahl & J. Jutras.

At the beginning of 2008, in Manchester was hosted the start of the UK tour. It was over in July 2008 in Southampton Mayflower. It was directed & choreographed by K. Bruce. The show had this cast: J. Wilkes, N. Casey, S. Webb, S. Lipkin, C. Devine, N. Hayes & J. Jacobs. In September 2009, in Arkansas Walton Arts Center started the 2nd North American tour, completed in March 2010 in New Haven’s Shubert Theatre. It was exhibited under the direction of S. Reines & choreography by A. McCleary. In the musical participated: J. M. Zygo, A. Clough, B. Martin, K. Doughty & B. Schaefer. Staging took place in Spain, Japan, Australia, the Philippines, Austria, Germany & Mexico.
Release date: 2006
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