Paris Makes Me Horny lyrics - Victor / Victoria

Paris Makes Me Horny lyrics

Paris Makes Me Horny

Hurry up!
What's the rush?
You know what they say, when in Paris...
It's when in Rome!
No, Rome makes me hungry...Paris makes me...hum...horny!
Rome maybe hot, sexy it is not.
Paris is so sexy.
Ridin' in a taxi gives me apoplexy.
Been ta Lisbon and Lisbon is a has-been.
Schlepped ta Stockholm, an' brought a lotta schlock home.
Also Oslo, and Oslo really was slow.
Paris makes me horny;
It's not like "Californy"
Paris is so dizzy;
Jack , it's such an aphrodisiac! oooooh!
It's true. Paris thrills me.
When I see the Eiffel Tower,
I have to go and take a shower.
It's true, I do.
Paris kills me,
And it makes me sexy.
As for Madrid, save it for El Cid.
Dinin' at the Lido loosens my libido
Like a big torpedo.
Seen Geneva, it's hardly jungle fever.
Been ta Bussels could use some red corpuscles.
Tried Toronto, departed "molto pronto".
Paris makes me tingle;
Makes me glad and single.
London's okay, if it's for one day.
Oh, but Paris makes me sexy
In this solar plexy
What's the matter, you're still thinking about the Count?
Been ta Munich, where ev'ry guy's a eunuch.
An' ta Dublin, things ain't exactly bubblin'.
Hate Helsinki, the Finns are kinda kinky
But ...ah, ah, ah, Paris!
Oh, yeah! Paris makes me... oh, oh, oh...Pooky!
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