If I Were a Man lyrics - Victor / Victoria

If I Were a Man lyrics

If I Were a Man

Well, I guess I can relay to that, I mean honestly there have
been times in my life when I wished I were a man!
Why, for heaven's sake?
Oh, that's easy...
If I were a man,
I could do a lot of things a woman never can.
Like what, for example?
Be free to plot and plan,
Free to live my life without permission from a man.
Man assumes that the world is tailor made for him,
Which it is.
He presumes that the world indulges ev'ry whim,
If it's his.
What a fabulous pursuit,
Hands in pockets, running things;
I must say, it appeals.
In my hundred dollar suit,
Toying with my golden fob-watch
As I make my deals.
Lucky man who is not made to feel
Like an also-ran.
What a lovely life I'd plan,
If I were a man.
I would build all the tallest buildings
Reaching up to the sky.
I'd explore ev'ry far off land,
And I would learn how to fly!
What a triumph it would be,
Doing all that fellas do, but better,
And with style.
Would be just my cup-of-tea;
They will all be furious,
And I would simply smile.
As a man, I would not need to feel like an also-ran.
Though I know I never can, ever be a man.
Oh, the life that I would plan,
If I were a man!
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