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Victor / Victoria Review - Broadway musical

The plot of the histrionics is based on the script of the film of the same name, released in 1982, which received many cinematic awards. The story itself of a change of attires of men into women and vice versa is used in theatrical productions from antiquity. Perhaps, the desire to understand the opposite gender, to feel oneself in the body of another person is inherent in most people. Audience’s interest in such stories never wanes.

For fans of the brilliant Julie Andrews, the fact will be interesting that she had not immediately agreed to this role. The actress was more than forty years at that time, and she thought that she would look strange at the stage in the role of a young singer. Filmmaker Blake Edwards, the husband of the actress, had to persuade her for a long time, as he put a musical specifically for her. Julie coped magnificently. The age difference between the character and the actress was not obvious. Unfortunately, this was one of her last roles in the musical performances, as after a simple surgery to remove polyps in 1998, the actress lost her magnificent voice.

The musical is full of humor, which, however, does not pass the verge of decency. The theme of one-gender love in the show is not pedaling not in positive nor in negative context. It was simply put as a part of society. Especially funny to look at tough mobsters and criminals, who can also be attributed to people with alternative gender orientation. Anyway, this is a real comedy, with colorful costumes, wonderful songs and tremendous cast. The musical does not contain serious confrontations or conflicts. Although many characters are the people from the criminal milieu, they are not revealed as negative characters.

The musical was nominated for a Tony Award for best performance of the title role – J. Andrews. Nomination at Drama Desk for outstanding scenography was given to Robin Wagner. These awards also received: J. Andrews as an outstanding actress in a musical; R. York as an outstanding Featured Actress in a Musical.

Once on the Tony the spectacle was nominated only in one nomination specifically for Julie Andrews, actress considered it an insult to the musical. In her opinion, the entire creative team was wrongly prolapsed with attention and there should be much more nominations. She refused this one, which probably would have won. This scandal only fueled the interest of the audience to the musical and increased the tickets sales. The actress refused to perform at the Tony Award ceremony and organizers have suffered losses due to the absence of the star of this magnitude.
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