Victor / Victoria synopsis

Victor / Victoria Synopsis - Broadway musical

Unlucky singer Victoria Gran is starving in bohemian and wealthy Paris though she has a wonderful soprano. But in the 1930-ies years popular singers were men, singing like women. They bring a good income to owners of nightlife facilities. On one of the auditions in the club of Chez Lui and Henri LaBisse, she meets Toddy. He is an old singer and homosexual. They sympathize to each other and become friends. Seeing that a woman desperately needs a job, the idea is born at him. If singer-women do not offered a job, Victoria could impersonate a man disguised as a woman. And after she kicked out of the room her former boyfriend, singer realized that she will cope with the role of a man. At first, the singer had doubts, but the desire to work makes her accept the idea and Toddy becomes her manager. He comes up to her with a new name. Now her name is Victor Grazinsky, a count from Eastern Europe, a transvestite, known on his homeland for his performances with the female repertoire.

Her first appearance in public is successful, and she immediately becomes a star. At the performance, there is King Marchan – known gangster and nightclub owner, his girlfriend Norma and bodyguard Squash. A woman is delighted by Victor, and invites him to their table. When communicating, Victoria is making every effort to behave like a man. In the hotel where a new star lives along with her manager, in the next room there are a gangster and his company.

Trinity is going to leave Paris, but suddenly Marchan realizes that he is in love with Victor. He is concerned about it, as he cannot understand the nature of his feelings. He does not believe until the end that before him is the man who behaves like a woman, but rather not contrary. Victoria is also attracted by him and revealed him she is a woman, but he asks her to continue to behave like a man. Squash understands that his patron is latent homosexual and shall normally accept the news that Squash is also gay, likes Toddy and they are a couple.

Norma is aggravated by the fact that Marchan threw her down and tells his partners-criminals in Chicago that their colleague is living with a man. Gangster’s friends come to Paris to take him out of the game. At this time, Henri learns that Victor is a woman and wants to kick her out of the facility for this deception.

Victoria is tired of double game; she wants to live as a woman. The last performance she devotes to King Marchan, and shows him and everyone that she is a woman. He kisses her. The mobster’s reputation is restored, and all ends well. Bodyguard and impresario show everyone that they are a gay couple. All sing a song that it is not a crime to love one another.
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