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Louis Says lyrics

Louis Says

I know they say of Marie Antoinette
My reputation is a go-getter
So when I met Louis Sixteenth of Bourbon
t'was so disturbin', I thought a Bourbon
Once in ev'ry while would keep me smiling.
Louis Seize he's king of France
Not by chance that I wed him
They all do as Louis says.
My, oh, yez... I just bed him.
Then I recline on my chaise.
Who cares what they do?
Who cares what Louis says?
Louis says I misbehave,
Rant an' rave craving trouble.
If he only knew the truth,
In my youth it was double.
My life's a big bowl of fraises.
Poor Louis screwy;
Who cares what Louis says?
Suddenly the revolution came,
And my social life is not the same.
So I play a very diff'rent game,
Living one day at a time.
Since each day may be my last,
I'll make each moment quite sublime.
Louis says they'll label me
Mad Marie Antoinette,
Famous for my roving eye.
He says I should know better.
Good times relieve mamalaise;
The rest is phooey.
Who cares what Louis says?
Louis says she mustn't roam
Stay at home
All adoring.
He says she should be more prim,
More like him.
Oh, God, how boring!
I like my sauce bordelaise;
He drives me cooey.
Who cares what Louis says?
Louis said the revolution's spread.
Louis said I mustn't lose my head.
And the people haven't any bread;
I say let 'em all eat cake.
Louis says that kind of attitude
Could be a grave mistake.
Louis says our time is short;
This resort's their museum.
I say they can go to hell!
Wish 'em well
When you see 'em
They're singing "La Marseillaise"
At half past seven,
I'm off two heaven.
So much for royalty!
So much for loyalty!
So much for Louis Seize!
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