Harry Freakin' Potter lyrics - Very Potter Sequel, A

Harry Freakin' Potter lyrics

Harry Freakin' Potter


You're harry freakin' potter!
You don't understand
You're a legend, man,
To us all!

Every son and daughter--

Ron & the kids: [spoken] "safe!"


... From you-know-who,
All because of you!
You were small,
But i wonder if you can recall...

[chorus: oooo...]


Long story short,
This guy,
[whispered] "voldemort"
Was super cruel...


[spoken] "voldemort?"

The kids:

[gasp!] "shhh!!!"

Chorus: oooo...]

... Tried to kill you & your parents,
And this is where it gets intensely cool...

Even though you were a tiny little boy,
You shoulda died but you survived and then destroyed
This evil guy and it's story we enjoy to tell....

Ron & the kids:

You're harry freakin' potter!
We don't prefer gandalf,
Merlin, or oz,
You're a whole lot hotter!
With that lighting scar,
You're a superstar to us all!
If we're in trouble we know who to call!

[dance break]

Rita skeeter:

You're harry freakin' potter!
I wouldn't wince at all,
You're invincible to all harm!

Like betty crocker--

Rita skeeter & the kids:



... I wanna eat you up!
No one'll beat you up
With that charm!
Remember, harry, kid,
You're the boss,
You're the king,
You're the bomb!


But this is all so sad,
I mean, my mom and dad
Were killed, long ago...

The kids:

[long ago they died!]


... I wanna be psyched,
But being unliked
Is all i know...


[... All he knows, that's why--]


I never thought i'd be a part of such a fate,
An opportunity eleven years late...
I guess it's time for me step up to the plate
And show 'em that i'm something great!

I'm harry freakin' potter!
I'll do what i can
If what you say i am is true!

I can't be bothered
By my awful past,
I've found at last
Something i can do,
So it's time i knew
Exactly who i am...

I'm harry freakin' potter!

The kids:

You're harry freakin' potter!

Harry & the kids

I'm/you're harry freakin' potter--


... And i'm the man!

The kids:


Harry & the kids:

[spoken] "harry freakin' potter!"

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