Very Potter Sequel, A cast

Very Potter Sequel, A Cast - Broadway musical

Music and Lyrics by Darren Criss
Book by Matt Lang, Nick Lang, Brian Holden

Darren Criss as Harry
Joey Richter as Ron
Bonnie Gruesen as Hermione
Lauren Lopez as Draco
Joe Walker as Umbridge
Joe Moses as Snape
Brian Holden as Lupin
Dylan Saunders as Dumbledore
Tyler Brunsman as Lucius
Jim Povolo as Goyle / Firenze
Jaime Lyn Beatty ... Rita
Nicholas Joseph Strauss-Matathia as Sirius
Corey Dorris as Yaxley
Devin Lytle as Cho
Arielle Goldman as Lilly / Luna / Hedwig / Fred
Brian Rosenthal as Seamus / James / Past Ron
Britney Coleman as Dean
Lily Marks as Molly
Richard Campbell as Neville / Past Hermione
Sango Tajima as Lavender / George / Past Harry
Julia Albain as Crabbe / Percy / Candy Lady
Nick Lang as Arthur / Sorty / Scarfy / Peter / Mama Umbridge

Last Update:August, 11th 2016

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