Very Potter Sequel, A Musical Lyrics

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Very Potter Sequel, A Lyrics

Songs composed by D. Criss. Libretto wrote N. Lang, M. Lang & B. Holden. The presentation of the spectacular took place in mid-May 2010 in one of the campuses of the University of Michigan. Production was carried out by ‘StarKid Productions’. Director was M. Lang, choreographer – J. Tolbert. Also in the development of performance acted: B. Kiesling, C. Lubowich, S. Petty, A. Chininis & L. McKinnon. Music accompaniment created by B. Keisling, C. Baxtresser, C. Richardson, C. Lorentz & J. Stratton. The main role played by D. Criss. His friends played J. Richter and B. Gruesen. Other cast was: J. Walker, L. Lopez, J. Moses, D. Saunders, B. Holden, J. Povolo, T. Brunsman, J. L. Beatty, C. Dorris, N. Straus, D. Lytle, B. Rosenthal, A. Goldman, B. Coleman, R. Campbell, L. Marks, S. Tajima, J. Albain & N. Lang. In mid-July 2010, the play’s video was posted on YouTube. At the end of July 2010, the market seen the album with musical’s compositions. In July 2015, Louisiana St. Bernard's Community Theatre had hosted the show. The production was undertaken by director T. Ortego. Starring: J. Penton, J. Collings, P. Deforest, V. Collins, T. Smith, J. Gross, R. Gregoire, D. Waguespack, B. Dorand, E. O'Neil, M. Springer, J. Russell, E. Geeting, T. Martin, J. Otani-Hansan, L. Schwartz, G. Perret, M. Perniciaro, C. Baudier, S. Lee, B. Milburn, A. Michel, L. Perkins, K. Miller & J. Alphonso.
Release date: 2010
Last Update:August, 11th 2016

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