Very Potter Sequel, A review

Very Potter Sequel, A Review - Broadway musical

This theatrical is an adaptation of a number of works from the series by J. K. Rowling, a story about Harry Potter, and films made on their basis. The show is a continuation of performance, which shows the life of the young wizard in the school of magic. There is also a third episode exists, which focuses on the grown-up Harry Potter. Very often, the productions by the fans are of no particular quality. In the case, this had not happened. Despite the fact that the play has been made by college students, the level of acting was very high. In the theatrical, there are many jokes that will be understood only by one who read the books or watched films about the young wizard. But even for the uninitiated viewer, there’ll be many interesting stories that took place in the extraordinary, magic world of Hogwarts.

Almost all the leading roles were after the same actors. New, very talented performers were also added. Grotesque style opened to the creators of the show great potential – both in the construction of the plot, and in the implementation of the play. In the histrionics, male and female roles were mixed: Lauren Lopez played Draco Malfoy, and Joseph Walker – Dolores Umbridge. Many critics have noted the perfect embodiment of these characters, which had often eclipsed the skills of leading performers of the play. Very funny plot twists, made up by violent imagination of writers, discovered viewers many personal secrets of characters that have not been previously mentioned in the books of Mrs. Rowling.

Critics have pointed out that the second variant was more elaborate in terms of stage design and costumes than the first one. They also noted the presence of deep sense in the music compositions of the play. Some of the reviewers preferred the previous show, while others considered sequel more spectacle. They also drew attention to the excessive workload of the plot – the creators tried to fill the libretto with maximum details from the original work of Rowling but had space to add their own innovative ideas. Satirical images of favorite characters were liked by viewers very much. This sequel did not have so much vivid and memorable songs as the 1st part. However, they were of a great attention by listeners almost immediately after the appearance of the musical on YouTube happened – in the first two days, it was watched by over 160 000 people! After the success of the second part of the show, organizers have decided to create a third episode, which focused on the life of Harry Potter after his victory over Voldemort.
Last Update:August, 11th 2016

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