Thou, Proteus, Thou Has Metamorphosed Me lyrics - Two Gentlemen of Verona

Thou, Proteus, Thou Has Metamorphosed Me lyrics

Thou, Proteus, Thou Has Metamorphosed Me

(music. she writes proteus a letter)

thou proteus, thou hast metamorphosed me

made me neglect my farming, lose my mind
war with good suitors kept my temper short

julia (cont’d)
made sleep a stranger weak, heartsick with thought
your loving juuuuulliiaaaaaaa

(chorus hums under dialogue)

being your slave, what should i do but tend
upon the hours and times of your desire’
i have no precious time at all to spend
nor services to do, till you require.

(proteus & launce enter left)

so true a fool is love that in your will
though you do anything, he thinks no ill

(julia gives proteus the letter
then crosses right)

i love you.
(julia exits)

then roses bloom.

sweet love! sweet lines! sweet life!
here is her hand, the agent of her heart;
here is her oath for love, her honor’s pawn
oh, that our fathers would applaud our loves
to steal our happiness with their consents;
oh, heavenly julia.

(proteus kisses the letter then
kisses launce on the forehead as
proteus’s father antonio enters
carrying luggage)

(to the audience)
spring comes to verona.

how now! what letter are you reading there’

may’t please your lordship, ‘tis a word or two
of commendation sent from valentine,
delivered by a friend that came from him.
(proteus has been holding the
letter behind his back. launce
takes it and exits quickly)

i am resolved that thou shalt spend some time
with valentine in the court of milan.
(antonio has put the luggage
down right center stage)

proteus antonio
no! yes
no yes
no huh
no huh
no what
no what
no boy

(proteus has crossed down right
center steps into the audience)

boy! boy! come back here boy.

(proteus returns to down center
stage by antonio)

tomorrow be in readiness to go.
excuse it not, for i am peremptory.

my lord, i cannot be so soon provided:
please you, deliberate a day or two.

look what thou wantst shall be sent after thee:
no more of stay! tomorrow thou must go.
(antonio is on the left steps.
he blows his son a prefunctory
kiss, but then sticks his right
fist in his left elbow in a ges-
ture of pure contempt. he exits)

thus have i shunned the fire for fear of burning
and drenched me in the sea, where i am drowned.
i fear to show my father julia’s letter,
lest he should take exception to my love;
and with the vantage of mine own excuse
hath he excepted most against my love.
oh, how this spring of love resembleth
the uncertain glory of an april day,
which now shows all the beauty of the sun,
and by and by a cloud takes all away!

(julia enters stage right,
she sees the luggage)

proteus (cont’d)
lovers are lovers best at parting
when your heart is breaking
you’re in love

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