Dragon Fight lyrics - Two Gentlemen of Verona

Dragon Fight lyrics

Dragon Fight

(A chinese dragon enters down right
With lighted eyes and fire and smoke
From its mouth. Eglamour crosses
Down center and leads the assault.
The dragon circles the tent as
Proteus & valentine defend themselves
With swords. Then the dragon turns
On eglamour and chases him off)

Forgive me, valentine: if hearty sorrow
Be sufficient ransom for offense,
I tender ‘t here; i do as truly suffer
As e’er i did commit.

Then i am paid;
And once again i do not receive thee honest.
Who by repentance is not satisfied
Is nor of heaven nor earth, for these are pleased.

(julia still in disguise enters)

By penitence the eternal’s wrath’s appeased:
And, that my love may appear plain and free,
All that was mine in silvia i give thee.

O, thank you.
(proteus crosses to tent.
Julia swoons)

O me unhappy!

Look to the boy.

(launce, lucetta, speed enter down
Left. Silvia comes out of the tent)

(crosses to julia)
Why, boy! Why, wag! What’s the matter.
(proteus sees the ring he has
Given to julia)
Why this is the ring i gave to julia
But how camest thou by this ring’ At my depart
I gave this unto julia.

Julia herself did give it me;
And julia herself hath brought it hither

(julia pulls off her cap. Her
Hair tumbles down)

Julia! And pregnant too.

(he sees she is pregnant. He
Feigns innocence)

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