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  20. Finale/You Can Have It All 

Take Me Into You lyrics

Take Me Into You

Every colour, every curve, they all serve to uncover what is true
Every shadow, every shade
They’re all made to take me into you
Take me into you, though I know it won’t be easy
Take me into you and let yourself go

Lucy: Though I’m terrified, I’ll try not to give a down-serry, as I am
Sebastian: I’ll relax some more, and let the sunlight warm your shadow ..Take me into you
Lucy: I’ll let myself go

Why should we turn back’ Things are not the way they were
Everything’s a blur; suddenly I’m here caught by surprise
Looking in my lover’s eyes
Though it may seem less than wise
Who knows where life may lead
Never dreamt I’d see this through
Follow our paths so new
But I’ll go, if you will take me into you

Falling into love without regrets,
Recklessly without a net
Just a game with life’s roulette
That carried you to me
Maybe I was overdue, for one small dream come true
Now I’ll dream that you will take me into you
Take me, into you

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