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Album lyrics:
  1. Oh, What A Man!
  2. No Competition For Me
  3. Opportunity Knocking
  4. Free, Easy Guy (That Kind Of Guy)
  5. Free, Easy Guy (Reprise) 
  6. Take Me Into You
  7. Because
  8. The Confession 
  9. The Greatest Friend
  10. Downtown Bohemian Slum
  11. You WIll Never Get Into This Restaurant  
  12. Me, Too/One-Woman Man 
  13. Take Me Into You (Reprise) 
  14. Highway Of Your Heart 
  15. The Better Man Won
  16. Too Road To Lucy 
  17. Make Me A Promise, Thomas 
  18. New, Beautiful Man 
  19. Time To Go Home 
  20. Finale/You Can Have It All 

Free, Easy Guy (That Kind Of Guy) lyrics

Free, Easy Guy (That Kind Of Guy)

Some men walk down corporate halls
Swinging their balls, making big dough
Some men spend their lives trading stock
Slaves to the clock, ready to blow
Oh, I’m not a suit, I’m not a tie
Please let me specify
I’m just a very artistic, happy, holistic
Thank God, I’m a free, easy guy

Next time you are stuck at a desk, So Kaufka-esque. Give me a call
You can find me down by a pond, squeezing a blond, having a ball
So let’s get real and let’s not lie, We don’t see eye to eye
You’re just a capitalistic, working statistic, Too bad, you’re not free
Oh you are in some trouble I guess, Drowning in stress, do not despair
I can help you learn how to live, love and forgive, I’ll take you there
Cause I believe the day I die, I’ll thank the lord that I was just a
very artistic, happy, holistic, Real optimistic, ok, narcissistic, joyous and healing
With Deep inner feeling, A Thank God, I’m a free easy guy, Ohh’ yeah!

Some men live downtown in a dump, happy to hump, other men’s wives
Romeo has now met his match, batten each hatch
See who survives
I love my suit, I love my tie
And let me clarify
He’s just a semi-artistic, shallow simplistic, Thank god, I’m not him, easy guy

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