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Album lyrics:
  1. Oh, What A Man!
  2. No Competition For Me
  3. Opportunity Knocking
  4. Free, Easy Guy (That Kind Of Guy)
  5. Free, Easy Guy (Reprise) 
  6. Take Me Into You
  7. Because
  8. The Confession 
  9. The Greatest Friend
  10. Downtown Bohemian Slum
  11. You WIll Never Get Into This Restaurant  
  12. Me, Too/One-Woman Man 
  13. Take Me Into You (Reprise) 
  14. Highway Of Your Heart 
  15. The Better Man Won
  16. Too Road To Lucy 
  17. Make Me A Promise, Thomas 
  18. New, Beautiful Man 
  19. Time To Go Home 
  20. Finale/You Can Have It All 

No Competition For Me lyrics

No Competition For Me

Tom: My wife, she’s cheating on me
Man: That’s cause you no give the love
Tom: Hey, I give her the love.
I give her the love as much as any man who’s been married for 15 years can give the love
Man; Ok, ok mister.. but you know and I know .. not the right kind of love
Tom: Hey, you seem like a wise man.. so what should I do?
Man: Hunt him down, and kill him.
He’s an animal, this man who messed with your wife
Tom: He’s an animal, this dog with no right to a life
Man: What to do with an animal, who’s ripped off your yard?

Tom: It’s time to get brutal.. it’s time for some whomp-ass
After all you’re Tom Ambrose, this shouldn’t be hard
I bet he’s some college professor. Wears earth shoes and drinks herbal tea
Or else he’s some father confessor, who tells you you’re too good for me?
The bastard!
I’ll bet he still lives with his mother ‘ his car is some 10 year old bomb
He’s fat and he’s balding and brother, he’s no competition for Tom

Lucy: Sebastian ..
Tom: Hmm.. I can’t stay but I had to see it for just a minute
Lucy: Now that’s a man, a great looking guy .. look at that hair (wow),
oh couldn’t you die..

Tom: Shutup .. Ah ha, yes the bastard’s pretentious
Nice hair but he’s poor as can be
Some how I will now get so contentious
It’s time for confronting, I’m going man hunting,
He’s no competition for me!

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