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Album lyrics:
  1. Oh, What A Man!
  2. No Competition For Me
  3. Opportunity Knocking
  4. Free, Easy Guy (That Kind Of Guy)
  5. Free, Easy Guy (Reprise) 
  6. Take Me Into You
  7. Because
  8. The Confession 
  9. The Greatest Friend
  10. Downtown Bohemian Slum
  11. You WIll Never Get Into This Restaurant  
  12. Me, Too/One-Woman Man 
  13. Take Me Into You (Reprise) 
  14. Highway Of Your Heart 
  15. The Better Man Won
  16. Too Road To Lucy 
  17. Make Me A Promise, Thomas 
  18. New, Beautiful Man 
  19. Time To Go Home 
  20. Finale/You Can Have It All 

Because lyrics


Tom, I’ll always love you. After all we made a vow
You never took it seriously, but I did, well until now
Tom, I’ve been unfaithful. Though I thought I never would
Now do I feel sad’ Yes, but just a tad
I’ve been bad, and perhaps that’s good

Because you rarely listen.. Because you never try
Because the man I married, was a hell of a nicer guy
Because our life grew boring, because I’m full of fears
Because he’s done some things to me that you haven’t done in years
Because I’m growing older, because my looks won’t last
Because happy ever after, is a fairy tale of the past
Because he’s quite a lover, because you quite, are not
Because you swore fidelity, then immediately forgot
Now you may double standard me, saying it’s not the same somehow
But all the times you filandered me
I thought it was my fault, ‘til now

And now I’ll wear these frills, I’ll wear this skirt
Though it’s a little tight, I’ll wear these shoes, the ones that hurt
You see I ain’t Snow White
I’ll wear the dress that’s a little small, I’ll wear the heels that are way too tall
Tom, take a look, I took it all

Because I’m only human, because I’m in my prime
Because you’re out two timing me, for maybe the 15th time
Because you have no conscience, because he makes me drool
Because no longer will I play the role, the suffering wife, the fool
Because he thinks I’m special, because you think we’re through

But most of all, I want him so much, because, because, because
Because he’s not you

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