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Album lyrics:
  1. Oh, What A Man!
  2. No Competition For Me
  3. Opportunity Knocking
  4. Free, Easy Guy (That Kind Of Guy)
  5. Free, Easy Guy (Reprise) 
  6. Take Me Into You
  7. Because
  8. The Confession 
  9. The Greatest Friend
  10. Downtown Bohemian Slum
  11. You WIll Never Get Into This Restaurant  
  12. Me, Too/One-Woman Man 
  13. Take Me Into You (Reprise) 
  14. Highway Of Your Heart 
  15. The Better Man Won
  16. Too Road To Lucy 
  17. Make Me A Promise, Thomas 
  18. New, Beautiful Man 
  19. Time To Go Home 
  20. Finale/You Can Have It All 

Opportunity Knocking lyrics

Opportunity Knocking

Tom: He needs a roommate, he’s out of money
I need a room ..hahaha.. isn’t that funny
I hear opportunity knocking . And it’s time to answer the door
There’s a man in my Christmas stocking
Knock knock, welcome to hell. .. I’m your brand new roommate
Yes, I hear opportunity knocking .. knocking him up side of his head
My ship’s come in and baby I’m docking (yeah yeah)
No! This is depraved and immoral, and one thing that’s for sure,
He’ll find out, I’m lying
Every second I’ll be Lying, lying, lying
But after all I’m in advertising
So I suppose I know how to lie
I’ll admit I’m rationalizing, so what
He deserves it, I can do it .. I will do it .. screw it, opportunity’s knocking
And I’ve got a plan .. Oh brother if she’s your woman, then baby I’m your man

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