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I'm Gonna Love You Tonight lyrics

I'm Gonna Love You Tonight

So i'm just another pin-up girl
Here to ?
We share a dance but i know the score,
Soldier, you're already spoken for
Oh honey don't tell me "no", the music's playing nice 'n slow
I'll go through the ?ringer, round around your finger
Come on and love me tonight!
It seems i'm not cool to fight to become your blushing bride, you wanna dance with many ? And go home and marry maple, why should i love you tonight?

Chorus male:
Let's step away for our rendez-vous,
Please don't play by the pool

I see what i like and i like what i see,
Tonight i wanna give myself a much better look

Chorus female:
This is the g.i. Jive

Her: man i like!

Chorus female: and i like!

Baby the bugle blows at five

Chorus female: do de re do!

So let's start kissing and hugging
How about to the ?
And let's start swigging tonight!

I think i really love you
Hey!i'm moving too fast,
Let's just swing side by side
And let my conscience be your guide
Got no time to borrow,
I've got till tomorrow, come on and love me tonight!
If you put it that way
I don't have a sunday
I gotta love you tonight!

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