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Swing! Lyrics

The concept to create a revue belongs to P. Kelly. Songs composed by: H. Arlen, W. C. Basie, L. Berry, W. Bishop, E. Bradley, T. Bradshaw, L. Brown, C. Christian, M. David, E. DeLange, T. Duncan, D. Ellington, B. Elliott, S. Fain, B. Feyhe, D. Fields, B. Goodman, M. Gordon, J. Gray, E. H. Hagen, A. Hamilton, O. Hammerstein II, M. Heitzman, I. Kahal, P. Kelly, J. Kern, A. C. Kramer, J. McHugh, J. Mercer, I. Mills, J. R. Mundy, J. Murphy, L. Prima, D. Raye, L. Raymond, A. Razaf, I. Reid, E. M. Sampson, S. H. Sept, S. Simons, J. Smith, J. Tizol, H. Warren, C. Webb, J. Whitney, C. Williams & B. Wills. Try-out demonstrations began on Broadway in November 1999. Review was hosted by St. James Theatre from December 1999 to January 2001 with 43 preliminaries and 461 regular spectaculars. The histrionics undertook director and choreographer L. Taylor-Corbett. In the theatrical were these actors: A. H. Callaway, E. Bradley, L. Benanti, M. Gruber, C. MacGill, L. Baldovi, K. Bendul, C. Bentley, C. Carter, G. D. Corso, D. Duarte, B. Durand & E. East.

In November 2000, in Los Angeles’ Ahmanson Theatre began first national tour. Production was prepared by director L. Steinberg and choreographer K. Craven. In 2008, the tour took this play to Japan. In June 2009, the show was held in Pittsburgh Benedum Center, developed by D. Solimando. The revue concluded of this cast: A. H. Green, D. Lyons, M. Scott, M. Jagger, E. Arce, J. Walden & A. Malia. In 2015, the show became regular on a cruise ship of Norwegian Cruise Line with this cast: B. Lawton, S. Siegel, M. Jagger & E. Arce. In July 2015, revue was presented at the Florida Maxwell C. King Center in the framework of Summer Musical Theatre Project.
Release date: 1999
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