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Independence Day lyrics

Independence Day

This is it, tom.
This is it.

The morning before the big trip.

Twenty-four hours and i will be there.

All i could think was... Boy this day came fast.
To ruffle your feathers and get in your hair.

All i could think was... I have things to take care of.

The whole town can perish, i don’t even care.

But all i could say was... See you tomorrow.

This is it, tom.
This is it.

I never thought this day would actually come.

This morning i finally believed it.
I woke up and felt it begin.

"i’m shaking the dust of this
Crummy old town off my feet."

Take that, george bailey!

I'll make up a sign for the bookstore
And hang it where people come in
Saying ‘closing for christmas.
The owner is hitting the street.’

Look, i’ll never be a world traveler.
I just wasn’t built that way.
Still, this could be my independence day.

Aren't you blowing this a little out of proportion’

I think of the times throughout history
A day unremarkably dawned
Then one man was seized
By the restless desire to explore.

He looked up and scanned the horizon
And wondered what might lie beyond.
Then hoisted his anchor
And sailed for some uncharted shore.

Well now my destiny’s calling,
And i can hear it say
This could be my independence day.

It's just a trip to the city, al.

Of course you wouldn’t understand.

This is a feeling you must feel every day
As publishing’s latest man-of-the-hour.

Four bestsellers and counting, tom.

I really can’t compete with your resume.

But something deep is stirring
And shifting inside.
The boundaries are blurring
And opening wide.
It's suddenly occurring
That finally i deserve
To stray and reach and yearn
And dare to say
It might just be my turn.

It’s rare that you notice a moment
The moment it’s hurrying by
And instantly frame it
And say that’s when everything changed.

But now, there’s a moment approaching.
I’m staring it straight in the eye.
Prepared for a future
Of moments that aren’t prearranged.

Old george bailey was cheated
He never left his town.
Beaten down and defeated
He even tried to drown.
But look at me, i’ve been treated
To life turned upside-down.
Welcome to my independence day.

This is it, tom.
This is it.

All i could think was... I never told ann he was coming.

Christmas, the two of us, just like before.

All i could think was... I never told alvin i'm engaged.

Like back in my living room over the store.

All i could think was... Things here have gotten complicated.

Who says the holidays have to be more’

But all i could say was...

This is it, tom.
This is...

Al. Don't come.


Why not’

It's not a good time. Al’ What do you think, al’

This is it, tom
Me and you.

The next time that we said goodbye

If you commit, tom
You see it through.

Why is it always goodbye’

Goodbye, al.

Goodbye, tom.

Relationships thrive or dissolve
Without our knowing why.
And somehow goodbye became easy.

Wait! Let me explain. It really wasn't a good time. I...

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