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You're Amazing, Tom lyrics

You're Amazing, Tom

You should have told me about that.

Alvin never would have understood.

Yes i would.

I had too much coming at me.

You should have said something.

I couldn't work. I couldn't write. I had to streamline my personal life.

(alvin selects a story and reads.)

Money and prizes.
A story about thomas.

Having streamlined his personal life,
Thomas was able to focus on more important matters.

But as much as i tried to focus, there was always this voice in my head -
Alvin's patient, supportive and aggravating voice.

Another award’ You are so talented, tom.

(thomas addresses an award ceremony audience.)

Thank you so much for this. I’m flattered but completely at a loss as to why you’ve chosen me.

You’re amazing, tom.
And to prove it
They’re throwing this big fancy do
For you.

You’re amazing, tom.
If i’d known about this
I’d have been there today.
Well, anyway.

I’m sure you have no time to call.
I know that your schedule’s tight.
You’re probably needed at signings and parties.
C’mon, i’m your pal, it’s all right.
You’re amazing, tom.

I'm frequently asked, "where do your stories come from’" i don't know.
All i know is there's got to be thousands of stories in this head of mine just waiting for me to pick
One and write it down.

You’re amazing, tom.
You’re everything i always knew you could be.
Times three.

But it's lonely work. Just me and the blank page.

You’re amazing, tom.
And to think that you made it here
All on your own.
Well, who’d have known’

Your writing has passion and skill
While others are churning out fluff.
It’s easy to pander to low expectations,
But quality stories are tough.

And the indescribable feeling of writing those first few words knowing
I'm on my way to changing people’s lives.

What you do is important.
What you do is an art.
What you’re doing is feeding your readers
Ideas with heart.

Let’s admit it, you’re making
The planet a happier place.
It’s because of the minds you are saving
That someone is waving
Another award in your face.

You’re amazing, tom.

Every one of my stories - the butterfly, the marvelous mystical bookstore,
The memory robe, even the incredibly popular mrs. Remington's hallowe'en -
Every one was up here just waiting for me to set it free.

You’re amazing, tom. The result of the choices you made is success.
I guess.

You’re amazing, tom.
It’s hard when you have to leave
Some things behind.
Well never mind.

Some people march in parades.
While others just watch them go by.

Of course, i can't leave the stage without a few thank-yous.

So soak up the praise and enjoy the ovation.

My publisher.

Though nobody special will share your elation.

My agent.

Money and prizes are fine consolation
And tangibly indicate why...

And the single most important person in all of this. The one who buys my book.

... You’re amazing, tom.

(thomas confronts alvin.)

It’s elusive, alvin.
It’s like angels in the snow.
Turn your back and there they go.

(thomas selects a story.)

Angels in the snow.
A work in progress.

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