Story of My Life, The Musical Lyrics

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Story of My Life, The Lyrics

  1. Write What You Know
  2. Mrs. Remington
  3. The Greatest Gift
  4. 1876
  5. Normal
  6. People Carry On People Carry On Video  add
  7. The Butterfly
  8. Saying Goodbye [Part 1]   add
  9. Here's Where It Begins   add
  10. Saying Goodbye [Part 2]   add
  11. Independence Day
  12. Saying Goodbye [Part 3]   add
  13. I Like It Here I Like It Here Video  add
  14. You're Amazing, Tom
  15. Nothing There   add
  16. I Didn't See Alvin I Didn't See Alvin Video  add
  17. This Is It
  18. Angels In the Snow

Songs for the musical composed N. Bartram. Libretto wrote Brian Hill. The premiere of the show took place in November 2006 in Toronto’s Canstage Berkeley Street Theater. The performance ended in December 2006. The production was carried out by the director M. Bush. The cast consisted of B. Carver & J. Kuhn. From October to November 2008, the histrionics was held in Norma Terris Theatre, directed by R. Maltby, Jr. The performance had cast of M. Gets & W. Chase. Try-outs on Broadway began in the Booth Theatre in early February 2009. Premiere of the play took place in mid-February same year. It ended only three days after its opening. There were 19 preliminaries and only 5 regular performances. The director of the production was R. Maltby, Jr and it has such cast: W. Chase, A. McKinnis, M. Gets & A. Maizus.

From October to November 2009, show was in Houston Theatre LaB. The musical has this cast: J. Dunn, C. Quinn, S. Myers & C. Rech. In April 2010, the show took place in Act II Playhouse, staged by director B. Martin. The show had leading actors of J. Stanek & T. Braithwaite. From July to September 2010, the theatrical was in Seoul Dongsoong Art Center. In October 2011, there was a re-run. Production has undertaken director S. Chun-soo. In the show were involved actors: L. Seok-jun, R. Jung-han, S. Sung-rok, L. Chang-yong. In November 2010, a musical was hosted by Californian Contra Costa Civic Theatre. Spectacular was directed by D. M. Lickteig. The play had main actors: P. Araquistain & W. Giammona. From January to February 2012, the play was held in San Francisco’s New Conservatory Theater. In the production made by D. M. Lickteig, was such cast: W. Giammona and C. Grundman.
Release date: 2009
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