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Album lyrics:
  1. Write What You Know
  2. Mrs. Remington
  3. The Greatest Gift
  4. 1876
  5. Normal
  6. People Carry On People Carry On Video
  7. The Butterfly
  8. Saying Goodbye [Part 1] 
  9. Here's Where It Begins 
  10. Saying Goodbye [Part 2] 
  11. Independence Day
  12. Saying Goodbye [Part 3] 
  13. I Like It Here I Like It Here Video
  14. You're Amazing, Tom
  15. Nothing There 
  16. I Didn't See Alvin I Didn't See Alvin Video
  17. This Is It
  18. Angels In the Snow

Story of My Life, The synopsis

Story of My Life, The Synopsis - Broadway musical

Author of popular short stories Thomas came home for the funeral of his friend Alvin. Being kids, they have promised to make a farewell speech of each other when there’ll be such a need. Suddenly Thomas realized – he lacks of inspiration. All attempts to think of something came to nothing. And there in the writer's mind appeared the image of his deceased friend. Being in a room where there was a large number of shelves with books and papers, dedicated to their common memories, Alvin advised his friend to use these stories to create a speech. But Thomas decided to write his own memorable words of Alvin. He rejected the option dedicated to their acquaintance in a childhood. Alvin offered a friend to tell about their last meeting, which took place a week ago, when the writer came to the funeral of his father. As soon as he began to recall this story, Thomas rejected it as well.

Alvin did not give up and again began to offer to his friend various ideas for a speech. Soon, he recalled the story of his Christmas present. Receiving it, Thomas decided to become a writer. Hearing this, the man was interested. Feeling the other's attention, Alvin began to talk about his annual tradition of making angels on the snow. He also recalled how they visited together the grave of their beloved Mrs. Remington. At that moment, friends have promised each other to make a eulogy, if anyone of them will go out of life. The writer decided not to mention Alvin’s enthusiasm in snow angels. He wanted to talk about less eccentric behavior of his companion. A friend recalled how Thomas could not create a speech for his deceased father, and decided to limit to recitation of the deceased poet’s poems. But the writer stopped this story too.

Alvin continued to remember their friendship and life. He told the story of how showed the short story to his friend, which was part of the application for admission to college. Not knowing how important this text was, Thomas criticized it. Alvin refused to continue his studies and began working in his father's bookshop. Thomas went to college instead. Gradually, the writer realized that their fate was connected with the bond much more robust than it seemed earlier. Alvin was a little bit angry, as his friend used his life to create own stories. At first, the accused man denied this statement, but then he realized – it really was true. Thomas tried to glue together his memories about the friend, but the thoughts did not want to turn into speech.

Alvin reiterated again that when the writer was not able to make a speech for his deceased father, he decided to act independently at the funeral. Thomas remembered his secret visit to the cemetery. He wanted to listen to the speech, written by his friend. After a great performance of Alvin, a man had a new look to the creative abilities of his friend. Pushing this memory away, Thomas wanted to learn from a friend, why he died. But then the writer realized that there were questions that couldn’t be answered. He received his uplifting and inspiration and began to create a speech. When finished, he told the audience about his deceased friend.
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